Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Look

No, people, no, there's no need for rejoicing. I haven't gone in for a makeover. You'll still recognize me by my grubby tee-shirts, rumpled jeans, and by the urgent sense you get to take a weed-wacker to my hair. It's the blog that has been rehabilitated, thanks to the techno-savvy Valerie Archambeau, who once again rescues me — or at least my online emanation — from utter disreputability.

I think it'll be easier to navigate to old posts, too. But let me know if you run into any problems. I'll refer them to my stylist.


  1. Valerie1:00 PM

    Any additional work will be charged at double my usual rate -- this is Sunday, you know.

  2. Bob, this is awesome. At last I can read your blog w/out serious eye strain!

  3. Much better, Bob. I ditched the white-on-black some time ago, when Peter O'Leary gave me a stern little lecture on typography & the history of eyestrain.

    Ask Valerie how you got the little icon bar ("email this, blog this, tweet this, facebook this, etc.") at the foot of each post. She can bill me.

  4. Yeah, the icon bar is something, isn't it? Soon my writing will be disseminated to tens, perhaps dozens, of people, establishing my tastes as the canons of our time! At last, my seemingly endless thirst for power will be quenched!


  5. Valerie7:17 PM

    Mark, it's a "gadget" in the new Blogspot templates. Easy to add if you upgrade.