Monday, May 24, 2010

Archambeau World Tour, June 2010 Update

You're probably exhausted from following the Archambeau World Tour 2010 motorcade, which has already ranged all the way from, well, uh, from South Bend, Indiana, to Chicago, Illinois. But fire up that VW microbus and get those Birkenstocks on — my management team, agent, lawyers, other lawyers, accountants and assorted hangers-on from the entourage have added another date, this one in Cambridge, England. Here are the official details from the good people at Cambridge:

Göran Printz-Påhlson Memorial Conference

Clare Hall, Cambridge
West Court
Monday, 28 June 2010

I would like to announce to all Fellows, Visiting Fellows, students, Life Members, and any other interested parties that a memorial conference and poetry reading for the Swedish poet, critic, translator and Clare Hall Fellow Göran Printz-Påhlson will take place on the evening of Monday, June 28th. Participating will be:

Jesper Svenbro (Sweden, and member of the Swedish Academy)
Lars-Håkan Svensson (Sweden)
Elinor Shaffer (Clare Hall)
John Wilkinson (UK and University of Chicago)
Clive Wilmer (UK)
Andrea Brady (US and UK)
John Matthias (US, Clare Hall Life Member)
Elaine Feinstein (UK)
Richard Berengarten (UK, founder of Cambridge Poetry Festival)
Robert Archambeau (USA, and editor of Printz-Pahlson’s English poems and prose)

All of these poets have Cambridge connections, and four of them have collaborated in the past with Printz-Påhlson on various projects. Ulla, Unn, and Finn Printz-Påhlson will come over from Sweden for the event. If you are in Cambridge this summer, or if you know people who will be there, do consider attending and encouraging others to attend. It is not necessary to know Printz-Påhlson’s work to enjoy the event. These are major poets and scholars, and they have never before all read together at the same venue before. Do spread the word. This is the schedule:

Afternoon: 4:00

1. Elinor Shaffer : Remarks on GP-P
2. Robert Archambeau: Progress report on GP-P's selected works in
3. Jesper Svenbro: GP-P as translator and influence
4. Lars-Håkan Svensson and John Matthias: A reading of GP-P
poems in English and Swedish
5. Poems written for GP-P: Berengarten, Svensson, Svenbro,
Matthias, and anyone else who has written a poem
dedicated to Goran.
6. Closing Remarks: John Matthias

Evening: 8:30

A Celebration of Contemporary Poetry

Jesper Svenbro
Andrea Brady
John Wilkinson
Elaine Feinstein
Clive Wilmer
Richard Berengarten