Monday, May 07, 2012

UC-Davis Wants Joshua Clover & its Own Students In Jail For Protesting: Help Do Something About It

The University of California-Davis, an institution you may remember for how its campus police pepper sprayed seated, peaceful student protestors, is now trying to send eleven of its own students and one faculty member—poet Joshua Clover—to jail for up to eleven years, and fine them up to one million dollars, for protesting.

Here are the details.

And here's where you can say that this is wrong.

Please take the time to sign the petition.  When the university should be standing with its own students against a vindictive bank, it has chosen to continue to disregard the principles of free speech and peaceful protest.  In November the university showed contempt for the physical well-being of its students, and now it shows contempt for their financial futures and their freedom.