Thursday, September 07, 2006

Archambeau World Tour Fall 2006

Okay, peeps, here's the globe-trekking my agent put together for this fall. Fire up the Volkswagen microbus and get your tie-die on! Not since Phish perished in that tragic exploding ukelele accident has such an ambitious tour been assembled! Onward, oh pionerrs, on! Feel those blue highways roll beneath you!

  • October 5, Chicago

    Poetry Reading at Powell's Bookstore (2850 North Lincoln Avenue), along with Will Alexander, Chris Glomski, Davis Schneiderman, and Tod Thilleman. All those Spuyten Duyvil guys, and me a Salt poet...

  • October 21 & 22, Tulsa

    Oct. 21 Poetry Reading, venue TBA
    Oct. 22 "Autonomous Fields, Autonomous Subjects, and the Fate of Poetry." Modernist Studies Association Convention, Doubletree Hotel

  • NOVEMBER 11, Chicago

    "Is There a There There? The Chicago Poetry Scenes." Midwest MLA, The Palmer Hilton