Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Chicago Poetry Scene

This just in from ace reporter Conner Stratman, who surveys the Chicago poetry scene over at THEthe Poetry:
Lake Forest College is also a hotbed of innovative writing; Joshua Corey, Robert Archambeau and Davis Schneiderman still maintain the northern part of the state as a literary stronghold, with the college hosting a fantastic literary festival, as well as running the excellent &Now Press.
It's true about the maintenance of a stronghold, but between the sub-literate marauders from Wisconsin and the book-burning Vikings arriving via Lake Michigan, it's a constant struggle. Josh and Davis are boiling up a cauldron of oil right now, while I taunt the attackers mercilessly from the castle walls.  Send help immediately in the form of more cows and poultry to fling down on the foul-smelling invaders!