Thursday, May 07, 2015

Litscapes 2015!

Not long ago a poet I know sent me a note asking if I ever blogged about anything other than publications in which my work appears.  Last week's post about Daisy Fried must have come as a terrible disappointment to him, but this week's won't: I've just seen the proofs for Litscapes 2015, an anthology of innovative writing edited by Kass Fleisher and Caitlin M. Alvarez.  It looks terrific, and, in addition to a little thing I wrote called "The Poem That Does Not Exist," includes work by:

Charles Bernstein
Maxine Chernoff
Andrei Codrescu
Johanna Drucker
Paul Hoover
Kent Johnson
Pierre Joris
Kevin Killian
Frank Lentricchia
Laura Moriarty
Susan M. Schultz
Mark Scroggins
Stephanie Strickland
Cole Swensen
Steve Tomasula
Anne Waldman
Susan Wheeler

And many, many more.  Look for it soon from Steerage Press—and, if you run into Kass Fleisher or Caitlin Alvarez, break out the confetti and throw a parade!