Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Cambridge Literary Review #2: The Scuffle Continues!

Good news! The second issue of The Cambridge Literary Review is out. This is my kind of production: essays on Hume and Hegel rubbing shoulders with poems by Stephen Rodefer, Andrea Brady, Drew Milne, and other luminaries of experimental British poetry. Gluttons for punishment may want to turn to the letters section, where Andrea Brady and I continue the exchange we began on this blog, after an essay I wrote about Cambridge poetry appeared in the first issue of the journal.


  1. I do not recall where I was when I bookmarked the url for your blog. But I do know that it was only until this moment that time allowed me to saunter through the Samizdat Blog and in doing so I was gifted a bit of a vacation from the mainstream (yawn) blogs that often flicker on my monitor as annoyingly as a relentless single fly lighting on my table lamp after each command of "Shoo!"

    I really enjoyed each post on the front page of your blog; I haven't dug into the archive pile just yet since time only gives me ten minutes a day with my druthers.

    However, I assure you I plan to return to your blog and jump into the old posts like I would a pair of Levi's so that I may enjoy that comfortable feeling of a being in the thing that fits "just right!"

    From there, I s'pose I will rest in the cool of spent emotions and delight in the familiar awareness of commonality or some form of cerebral connectedness I feel after reading your posts. I found your point of views and topic news to be spot on with my reading groove! I am digging your blog, which to me, seems to be juxtaposed between my personal thoughts and your personal thoughts coupled with expression-ability. The difference is my thoughts are half-thunk and are always sweating under my shroud of insecure expression and the fact that not only are your thoughts complete, but they have good manners and are well-trained; they don't appear to cut in front of one another like my thoughts do. Your thoughts are good ones, good, competent thoughts that seem dedicated, determined and dependable enough to create a never-ending reservoir of capable asseveration for you.

    Your posts are interesting and your expression is great. Most of my thoughts will never see the light of day since they are trapped inside the labyrinth of my mind which happens to be laced with a florid case of A.D.D.

    Keep on writing the good stuff! I am lovin your blog!

  2. Aw, go on. No: seriously -- go on!


  3. Boris Jardine4:24 AM

    Bob, thanks for this! I tried to reply to your last email but got a curious message claiming there's a 'permanent error' with your inbox. I suspect the problem's actually at my end. Strange though... In any case, thanks for pointing out the CLR's own electronic failure: all fixed now. Cheers, Boris

  4. is there a copy of your essay from
    CamLitReview available to download?
    i love you blog

  5. Hi Chuck,

    The essay is in CamLitRev #1. You can order a copy on their web site (which would be great -- they need your support). but if you can't spare the cash
    you could go to the Lake Forest College web site and look my email up on the directory. Then I'll send you a word file via email in a few days, when I'm next up at my office. Sorry not to post my email address here, but I did it once and somehow ended up getting a flood of spam.